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NEW v2.3! is released!

A simple home made PHP/MySQL login script to protect your web page content from spam and bot registrations so that only registered users can view the content of your site.. It is free of charge and you can use it on any commercial or personal projects!


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I am releasing it free of charge.This script can be used for any personal or commercial purposes. I coded this script in my spare time and now i am sharing it with the community.

Update: This script code has become very old and recently I have discovered multiple SQL vulnerabilities and have absolutely no time to patch it. Use of this script is at your own risk.

If you want to remove credit link, there is a small $5 fee. Please see payment page


- MySQL Database 3+
- Linux server
- Apache Web server
- PHP scripting language
- reCaptcha Keys + php library (register for free)
- JQuery for javascript validation.

How it works

User registers with their chosen username, email and password. The script checks for existing username or email, if exists, it denies them registering an account. The username is restricted to only alphabets, numbers and underscore. No special characters allowed.

And of course, they have to verify their captcha image.

The password is stored in md5 format during registration and we send an 4 digit random activation code to their email address.


The script determines whether username or email is entered and it checks for existing account. When the user enters his password, the script converts the password to md5 string and then compares this to the md5 of the password stored in the database. We never want to know or store the real password of users. That is why we are using md5.

Once logged in we are registering a session and a Cookie with remember me feature.

Admin area:

You can manage the users like activating accounts of pending users, create user and ban them. I have kept it so simple and nothing fancy in the admin area. You have to set admin login and password in the script to login. Most the admin functions are made to work with javascript.

Error Messages:

The error messages are neatly formatted for the users.

Integrate to your Website.

I have left spaces for header, footer, left menu and right menu in table layout so that you can easily insert your logo, header and footers depending on your website.

You can also discuss this script in the forum regarding this script. However, I wont be able to provide assistance or support for this script because of my busy schedule.


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